How to be More Successful in New York SEO

Search engine optimization is just one of the few marketing disciplines which continue to evolve. New trends are being released, while new strategies are still being developed. In recent years, there were numerous algorithm updates already encountered by SEO experts. Each time, they try their best to tailor their strategies to the ever-changing standards in search engine optimization. Therefore, you cannot expect your old SEO strategies from five years ago to be effective.

Effective SEO companies need to constantly adjust their SEO strategies for their clients based on numerous factors. This article will discuss some of the biggest changes in the search engine optimization industry in 2015. This can help you decide which New York SEO company to choose.

1. Design and strategize for mobile users

Several years ago, SEO experts predicted that mobile traffic would eventually surpass desktop traffic. It seems that is the case right now as more and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the internet. Google has always been vocal about how responsive websites provide the best user experience. Recently, Google has made the move of integrating a “mobile-friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results.

2. Optimizing websites for Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines

search engineIs 2015 the year where other search engines share the spotlight with Google and take more market share? This has been an on-going question every year, but some recent developments in the industry suggest that it could really be possible. Firefox has recently ditched Google as their default search engine and switched to Yahoo. Safari will also be wrapping up their deal with Google this 2015, and both Bing and Yahoo are making ways to secure the spot for themselves.

3. Shifting of focus from keyword to ROI metrics

It has been a major wake up call for most SEO experts, especially New York SEO companies, to stop putting more emphasis on keyword rankings. Most SEO experts believe that keyword positions do not determine the success of any SEO campaign. An effective SEO agency needs to provide a comprehensive report about not only the improvements in keyword rankings, but also to provide information about the conversion rate and the revenue generated. After all, SEO is not all about ranking in the search engines for your chosen keywords, but it is also about making sure that these keywords are converted into sales.

4. Actively participate in social media

Several years ago, social media was once just a platform to share content. Most businesses used to exploit social media by blasting their content everywhere. Since then, the uses of social media have evolved. It is now considered not only as a marketing channel, but also as a channel for customer service. Your social media readers and followers expect you to be more engaging as to pique their interest.

social mediaA business needs to focus on at least two or three social media platforms in order to make sure that active participation and accommodation are observed. This is to help the business acquire more leads and have them converted into sales or revenue. Being active on the social media scene can also help your business build a loyal following by sharing high quality and informative content. Therefore, you would be able to introduce new people to your brand while earning more opportunities to gain links.

5. Earning links rather than building them

With all the updates in search engine algorithms throughout the years, one thing remains constant. Inbound links are considered to be the most influential factor in search engine optimization. This is not going to change in 2015 and in the years to come.

Gone are the days when blasting links all over the internet through irrelevant website are long over. Now, earning a high quality and relevant website has more weight compared to hundreds of meaningless links.

6. Targeting precise and long-tail keywords

Gradually, more and more people are shifting their focus to precise keywords rather than dwelling on broad keywords. While broad keywords have a high search volume, they don’t really attract high quality and targeted traffic. It is important to note that keywords are being ranked with expectation of having them converted. It is advisable to focus on precise keywords with low search volume. The reason behind this is that people who tend to search for these terms are buying customers. This will leave more opportunity to have these users converted into buying and loyal customers.

Nowadays, people are also making use of long-tail keywords. With the increasing number of mobile users, this move is really expected. This is because mobile users tend to search the internet with their mobile phones by using voice search or voice recognition. Most people who do so tend to use long-tail keywords. Taking advantage of this technique can do a lot for your SEO campaign.

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